Auto Detect - Automatically Detect Currency and Language

Auto Detect - Automatically Detect Currency and Language

AutoDetect is a cool module that will make your visitors feel like home. It is a perfect fit for stores with more than one language and currency. Designed to set the store language and currency based on your users current location. Here is how it works: If a customer visits your store from the UK they will view your website in English with GBP as a predefined currency. Same goes for all other countries. You can also add URL redirects for an even more tailored experience.

✯ Option to disable the module for search engines
✯ Select all/Deselect all button for listed countries
✯ Set Rules for Language - Choose a default language that users view your store if they come from a certain country
(Example -> Use English when visitors come from: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa)
✯ Synchronous and Asynchronous detection
✯ Manual redirect with a stripe
✯ Set Rules for Currency - Set a default currency for all products for users to experience your store if they come from a certain country
(Example -> Use USD when visitors come from USA. Use GBP when users come from Great Britain. Use EUR if users come from countries within the European Union)
✯ Create Custom Redirects - Redirect users to a certain URL if they come for a selected country.
✯ Multistore & Multilingual
Make sure to check this module's release Log for latest features, version releases, improvements and bug fixes

AutoDetect for OpenCart comes with extensive documentation with images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.

View AutoDetect Documentation

AutoDetect for OpenCart comes with a detailed Q&A section which answers the most common configuration and pre-sale questions we get for the module. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to write them up in the comment section below.

View AutoDetect FAQ

You can find more information about module Licensing here. Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop/JooCart and FAQ here.

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