Email Promotion Campaigns with Upsell!

Email Promotion Campaigns with Upsell!

An essential email broadcast system for Opencart. Customise the email with choice of different colours, with featured products displayed automatically, delayed send... it's all here!

The system supports manual mail-merger or cronjob timer to send newsletter product updates to your customers. In addition, our module can detectyour bestseller, latest, discount, and special products data, and optionally merge them with cronjob emails .

Cronjob newsletter campaign management
Advertising campaigns can be established from previous sales and operated continually for months. Cronjob function supports sending emails per hour, day, month or even unlimited. However, do note that it's best to limit this last function to avoid anti-spam system by configuring the amount of outgoing emails.

Optional products mail merge

"Email Promotion" creates mail merge configs which customizes for each campaign and specific-target customers. For example, you can automatically insert and announce latest and discount products for every visitor, but bestseller products for advanced customers only. Additionally, you can set up series products or rare customized products only for loyal customers. How awesome is that?

Highly HTML customizable with logo and social buttons
With "Email Promotion" it's easy to compose the best customization email templates which you can use for all of your customers. Module provides a sample template and variable merge guide. You can insert logo & signature to broadcast your brand in each mailout!

Flexible system customization
"Email Promotion" allows you to set up custom SMTP, product thumbnail size inside each email, speed limitation, amount of emails, clone campaign, group customers (by date, country, order) and more system configs. Swap SMTP will be updated soon in the future. This will help you avoid anti-spam system and unlimited sending emails.

Increase sales revenue
"Email Promotion" increases your approach to any target customers with auto broadcast system. So you can improve productivity AND get a bigger profit in selling. This is a standard system with fully advanced features for email marketing all over the world.

Multi stores
"Email Promotion" has all the options necessary for setting multi stores. Make it easy on yourself managing and uninstalling modules out of all your stores.

Multi languages
This module contains language files which can be replaced in any category. It is so easy to clone the English package in your own language and modify to suit.

Why do you need this module?

Email Promotion is a standard system with fully advanced features for email marketing all over the world. You completely control and create marketing campaigns instead of using expensive and complicated email services to do that. Our Automatic system will help save you much time and trim your financial budget of rental email-marketers.

Custom SMTP
Custom Email form
Filter customer group, Country, ordered or not, ordered date rate
Responsive email theme with 7 optional colours
Custom tile all selected product boxes
Unlimited custom products
Unlimited custom categories
Latest product by date rate you choose
Limit mail send out per minute, hour, day
Customer logo
Social facebook, twitter, google plus, youtube link and logo on email
Secure Unsubscribe link per customer with Captcha protect
Multi languages
Multi store email
Easy double campaign with function copy
Flag sent out email for continue send any time
FULL HTML email support
Email per customer name, full name, email in email header, title and description
Two method send email: by hand or cronjob
Send mail out with time defined beforehand
Custom size logo image
Custom size product image
Auto limit select 500 per send (saving memory for server)
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