General Product Tabs

General Product Tabs

Creates 'smart' assigned tabs to add extra content such as original production location, or any technical criteria. For instance, you can allocate assigned priorities for manufacturer/category/ global/each product...Tab of highest priority will replace another.

Smart priority level to show
Shows tab according to priorities: product | category | manufacturer | global

+ Manufacturer: Show tabs for all product of manufacturer

+ Category: Show tabs for all product of this categories

+ Global: Show all products

+ Product: Show with special products defined by you

+ Tab of highest priority will replace another.
Easy arrangement for product tabs

"General Product Tab" is a must-have! You can drag & drop to sort for product | category | manufacturer | global.This feature allows the option of settings for highest-level priority to auto detect the tabs which will be applied when visitors access your product page

Save yourself heaps of time!
It's great when you can add general descriptions (or special descriptions) for a manual group of products. Makes it easy and quick to tell customers exactly what your product's description is.
Multi stores
"General Product Tab" has full basic options in setting multi stores. Easier for managing and uninstalling modules in of all your stores.
Multi languages
"General Product Tab" is totally compatible with almost all customized themes nowadays. Please give us your technical details to us to get support as soon as possible.

Why do you need this module?
Medium and big stores really need 'smart' label entry sections to add extra content such as original production location, or any technical criteria.. Store administrator really should use General Product Tabs such as smart label because of its total convenience


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