Meta description and keywords for store - multilanguage - vqmod

Meta description and keywords for store - multilanguage - vqmod

MultiLanguage Meta Installation Instructions


This modification adds multi language meta description and meta
keywords to your Opencart installation.

Meta descriptions used wisely are important for Search Engine Optimization.
Although meta keywords are not important anymore at SEO, it is still good to
properly assigned meta keywords. With default Opencart functionality you
can have different metas for products, categories etc, however
site wide meta
values can be defined only in default language. With this plugin you can
change all meta values for every each language in your Opencart installation!

This installation instructions assume that you have either fresh or customized
installation of OpenCart.


This modification requires VqMod.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE : This plugin overrides some of admin files but it
shouldn’t be a problem in most cases ****

1) Unzip the downloaded ZIP file into a new folder

BEFORE YOU COPY THE FILES: If your OpenCart is not a fresh installation, files
and database backup is highly recommended.
Make sure that you have vQmod downloaded and installed. Installation
instructions here:

2) Copy all files from /UPLOAD folder over your current OpenCart installation
preserving the directory structure.

3) Login to your OpenCart admin panel and go to System > Settings, find store
you want to edit, and click the [Edit] link. Go Store tab.

4) Now you should see MultiLanguage Meta Values section and corresponding
textboxes for languages to edit.

5) Enjoy :)

Please address your questions, comments or issues

* ANNOTATION by ab-oc *

I only modifyed the extension to completely vqmod, so NO files will be over-
written. So you can install extension even in a running opencart installation,
but be sure to backup your DB, just in case ;-)

INSTALLATION --> upload the vqmod-folder into your root folder, that's it.
DEINSTALLATION --> just remove from vqmod/xml/ab-oc-meta-multilingual.xml

If you want additional admin language, just open xml-file and copy/paste the
following code-segment translated into your language after line 139:

<file name="admin/language/ "your language" /setting/setting.php">
<operation error="log">
<search position="before"><![CDATA[
// BEGIN - meta description and keywords for store - multilanguage
$_['entry_meta_multilingual'] = 'MultiLangauge Meta Values:';
$_['entry_meta_keyword'] = 'Meta Keywords:';
// END - meta description and keywords for store - multilanguage

ab-oc 09.2014

P.S.: all appreciation goes to devran, who programmed this extension!!!

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