Option Combination Stock Management

Option Combination Stock Management
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This module enhances the default stock management approach used by Open Cart by adding the ability to enter a product's stock based on the combinations of options.
In the default approach you can declare quantities per option value. For example assuming that we have two product options 'Color' and 'Size' we can declare quantities like Red: 5, Blue: 5, Small: 3, Medium: 2.
Using the new approach we can declare quantities for the combination of the option values like Red - Small: 3, Red - Medium: 3, Blue - Small: 2 etc. This approach provides a better way to describe the products available in our physical stock and protects us from orders that contain invalid combinations (i.e. specific combinations can be out of stock).

Note: If you receive an e-mail notification about an update of this module, please come back to this page to check what the changes are for the most recent version. For a full change log for previous versions please check the documentation.

  • Define stock quantities and SKU number per option value combination.
  • Unlimited number of options in a combination.
  • Check before adding to cart if a combination is valid (can optionally take into account quantities already added to cart).
  • Stock report generation in a print-friendly format for products/combinations with a quantity lower than a user-defined limit.
  • Ability to download the stock report in Excel format.
  • Batch editing stock and SKU values for combinations that satisfy a wide range of user-defined criteria.
  • Live stock update when the user selects a combination of options on the product page.
  • Use colors to indicate product' s availability on the product page (colors are customisable).
  • Use colors to indicate combination' s availability on the product page (colors are customisable).
  • Optionally show a combination' s quantity on the shopping cart page.
  • Ability to show all options on the product page including the ones with zero stock.
  • Allows adding to cart products with zero stock for pre-order purposes (the store should be configured to allow that).
This module is fully compatible with Price Live Update

IMPORTANT NOTE: VQMod versions of the module will be discontinued. Please download the OCMOD versions.

Changes in version 1.4
  • Compatibility with Opencart 3

Please make sure that you read the full User Guide ([OpenCart 1.5.x], [OpenCart 2.x], [OpenCart 3.x]) and that you understand the enhancements as long as the limitations of this module before downloading.

Installation guide: [OpenCart 1.5.x], [OpenCart 2.x], [OpenCart 3.x]

Demo Front: [Opencart 1.5.x] [Opencart 2.x-3.x] (check the Apple Cinema 30" product)

Demo Administration: [Opencart 1.5.x] [Opencart 2.x-3.x] (user/password: admin/$968-43KrcTYyN)

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