Category Checkbox On Admin Product Edit Page

Category Checkbox On Admin Product Edit Page
OpenCart v3.0.x is supported!

When inserting or editing a product on Admin, you need link it to its categories, so the product gets listed on the category listing page. OK, this is what you normally do now to link product categories when you insert or edit a product on Admin:

1. Use keyboard to type category name.
2. Select category name from dropdown list.
3. Repeat #1 and #2, again and again! (Oh, I miss-typed, oh, I missed a category)

Wait a second, do you really need type and select every time and one by one. Is there a simple way to select categories for product edit?

Don’t waste your time, and this is the solution:

There is a list of all categories with checkboxes, and you just check the categories the product belongs to. Done.

OpenCart 3.x DEMO

OpenCart 2.x DEMO

Don’t have to touch keyboard, don’t have to select category one by one, and you don’t forget to link any categories. Well, that’s it. Don’t waste your time on those boring and repeating operations. Do I need to say more?


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