Per-Category Display Options

Per-Category Display Options
The Per-Category Display Options OpenCart extension allows you to customize how your products are displayed for each category individually! Settings include:

  • Grid or List product display
  • Default product sort order
  • Number of products
You can also choose to hide these options on your website. These options are not available in OpenCart's stock installation.

In addition to setting individual category defaults, you can set a global default for all options.


See here for large screenshots:

Admin demo: - Username: demo / Password: demo123

Catalog demo: - Username: opencart [AT] hostcompanion [DOT] com / Password: demo123


Per-Category Display Options integrates seamlessly into your OpenCart Dashboard, and is very simple to set up and start using!

The immediate download contains step-by-step instructions for easy install. Per-Category Display Options uses vQmod, and requires no core changes to your OpenCart installation!

Extension tested with stock OpenCart theme. If you have questions about whether it will work with a non-stock theme, or if it isn't exactly what you're looking for, we may be able to customize the extension to fit your specific needs. Please email us your ideas: opencart [AT] hostcompanion [DOT] com.


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