Option Discount

Option Discount
Enable quantity discount & special on product options.

This extension is useful if you need to apply discount to individual option value in a product.

Features Highlight
  • NEW! v2.0.0: Option Discount can be set globally and apply to multiple products, categories, or manufacturers.
  • Added bulk option discount copy tool.
  • Added Apply Discount Across Cart to calculate option discount based on quantity for same options across cart.
  • Added multi customer groups selection.
  • Added Calculation Method with extra 2 caculation methods to replace Use Option Price as Base Price.
  • Price shown can be set easily to include or exclude Tax.
  • Added caching to reduce database call
  • Added quantity range
  • Added stock column
  • Add to Cart button for individual option value can now be used with other options
  • Add to Cart button for individual option value
  • Option Special price
  • Additional price prefixes (=, +%, -%)
  • Option Discount prices can be based on option price or product price
  • Option discount prices appear as a highly configurable table format on product page.
  • Able to show option price of each individual option in cart and order.
  • Able to set option price to calculate based on flat rate or quantity.
  • Can be used with existing product quantity discount, special price, tax, and other existing pricing related functionality.
  • Multiple price prefixes to choose from (+, -, =, +%, -%)
  • Multi languages and multi currency supported.
  • Multi customer groups and multi stores supported.

Compatible with Live Price Update extension here if you require live price update feature on product page:

Compatible with Better Option extension here if you require SKU on product options or setting default option:

Compatible with Global Fixed Quantity extension here if you require fixed quantity drop-down selection:

If you need store wide Discount / Fee on Order Totals, check out Super Discount extension instead:

OpenCart v3.0.3.x
Admin: http://demo.opencart.my/optiondiscount/admin
Admin Username: demo
Password: demo
Navigate to Extensions > Extensions > OpenCart.my Extensions > Option Discount.

OpenCart v2.3.0.x
Admin: http://demo.opencart.my/pod/admin
Admin Username: demo
Password: demo
Navigate to Catalog > Products > [Edit] a product > Option tab.

OpenCart v1.5.6.x
Admin: http://demo.opencart.my/pod2/admin
Admin Username: demo
Password: demo
Navigate to Catalog > Products > [Edit] a product > Option tab.

What customers say about Option Discount

support is very poor . price did not get update according to the option price. and all option are avilable for all group customers either a customer is login or not
This extension doesn't meet me requirement i want my moneyback. Please suggest me how to apply for refund.


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  • Documentation Included


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14 Apr 2011
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