Multi-Language Banners, Sliders, Carousels for OC 2.x, 1.5.x

Available for OpenCart 2.x (vqmod).

Default OpenCart banner functionality does not allow to have different banners for different languages and does not allow to select categories where banners should be visible.

This extension enhances banner functionality:
- you will be able to have different image for each language.
- you will be able to select categories where banner should be displayed.
- you will be able to set sort order

So, this is very useful 3 in 1 extension for your OpenCart shop.

Easy installation. Upload only one vQmod file and visit System->Design->Banners. All required changes will be done automatically.

Nothing will happen with your existing banners. They will be displayed like before installation.
Modification is compatible with all modules: banner, carousel, slideshow and other.

Three vQmod modifications are available for different OpenCart versions:
- from 1.5.0 to
- from to
- from 1.5.5 to

How it works?

Banners and categories (layout : category)

If category is configured, then banner will be visible only in selected category.
If category not configured, then banner will be visible in all categories if module banner, carousel or other is configured to display banners in layout "Category"

Error found. What to do?
Don't write in comments. I almost don't read them. Send email to with subject "OpenCart banner", describe your problem, what versions of OpenCart and vQmod you are using.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility,,,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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19 Jun 2015

21 Oct 2014
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