FedEx Advanced - Disc Rates, Box Packing, Global (15x/2x/3x)

FedEx Advanced - Disc Rates, Box Packing, Global (15x/2x/3x)

==[ Title ]==

==[ Notes ]==
This module will work for all locations that FedEx supports. Be sure you ask your local FedEx customer care representative if their Web Services integration supports your country as the Origin. Also note that some countries can only ship internationally and not domestically.

India and HK can be origin but can only ship internationally.

Supported Versions

==[ Description ]==
This module offers one of the most advanced box packing algorithms to ensure you get correct rates based on each item dimension. This mod will get live rates from FedEx during checkout giving the customer the option to choose their shipping type using live rates from

==[ Features ]==
* Uses Fedex WSDL API (2011)
* Supports Soap and nusoap
* Rates are always live
* You choose which rates you want to offer
* Worldwide compatible for all currencies and weights
* Advanced packaging algorithm ensures items are packed in boxes to meet a max weight.
* Individual Shipping option allows you to rate each item as a separate box
* Option to Display Transit Times
* Optional insurance
* Allows for each package to use their own weight and dimensions
* Support for List or Discounted rates
* Option to add an additional fee to all rates
* Supports Geo Zone based enable/disable
* Supports Tax class
* Error message support
* Debug option to troubleshoot any potential messaging problems
* Support for Alcohol shipping rates
* Supports India and Hong Kong origins (but only to International destinations)
* Support for Allow/Disallow Saturday and Sunday delivery
* Additional Rate Padding based on rate
* Cutoff Time to add an additional day to the delivery estimate
* Additional Processing Time to add additional days to the delivery estimate
* Smartpost support!

==[ Boxing Algorithm ]==
I offer 3 different boxing methods.
The first is an advanced volumetric boxing algorithm that ensures that all the item volumes will fit within the max box dimensions and ensures that the box dimensions will at least fit the max item dimensions inside.
The second is a weight-only option that ignores the product dimensions and uses the max dimensions statically as the maximum size.
The last is individual mode that rates each item in the cart as its own package. This uses the individual item dimensions.

The algorithms also prevent splitting weight from a single product into multiple boxes.
So you won't have a single 60lb item split into 1x 50lb & 1x10lb box as that would not make sense.
In the cases where a single item is more than the max box weight, it overrides that maximum box.
Ex. It will allow a single item to override the max box weight and dimensions.
A max box weight of 50lbs with a 60lb item will result in a 60lb box.
This must be done to ensure the item gets rated.

How to get your Fedex Developer/Account/Meter Info:
You get your account and meter number from under the developer center:
1. Goto
2. Sign up as new customer or sign in with your existing account info and "Technical Resources" as the target
3. After signing in, under "Technical Resources" on the left side, choose "Fedex Web Services for Shipping"
4. Choose "Move to Production"
5. At the bottom of that page, Click "Obtain Production Key"
- Resell: No
- Checkbox for Rate, Track, Etc only
- Corporate Developer
6. Accept the agreement
7. Fill in the requested info
8. On the Confirmation step it should show you
- Authentication Key (This is your XML key needed for the extension)
- Meter Number
9. It also shows that an email is sent with additional information on it
- Account Number
- Password
You need all 4 of those values for the FedEx rates extension

1. If you are getting an error about:
ERROR::803::Meter number is missing or invalid.
This occurs while using a test account on the live server or vice versa

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