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Demo available. News extension & module is for shops who want to inform their users about some news related to the store, store products or some activities related to the store.

Key Features:
* Multilingual news.
* SEO urls support for news articles and news list
* Ability to position news on separate stores
* Ability to set primary image for the story - for module and news archive
* Fully translatable (currently translated in english only).

Demo Frontent:
The module is on the
1. Home page,
2. Categories page

Backend Demo

Note for opencart 3.0.2+ The extension doesn't require any other extension to work anymore. To install the necessary tables you need to go to modules section and enable the news module. This will add the necessary tables in your database.

Note for opencart 3.0 up to The extension need to run sqls in order to add the necessary tables for the news on your database. For this reason please install the following extensoin first, which will allow running the sql on extension install.

Alternatively you could open the install.sql and run it manually in your phpmyadmin
or your mysql console.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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