Products Not Selling Report

Products Not Selling Report
This extension creates an interactive dynamic report displaying products that are not selling over a period of time.

This extension provides very useful information to help track product sales. You can filter the table by product name, in-stock quantity, quantity sold, manufacturer, and the last date the product sold.

This extension can be used to filter out any or all products that are currently in stock, from a specific manufacturer, and that have not sold within a specified time frame.

How this information is useful: Simple!! If products aren't selling, you aren't making money. You can take a look at how many products you have in stock that aren't selling. This tells you what products you need to make changes to. Either by lowering the price, placing the items on special, or offering the product as a bonus/incentive for other purchases.

This extension can also be used to help with inventory and manufacturer purchases. If you have a lot of a particular product is stock and that product has not sold in the last (x) months, then you don't need to order any more.

This is an excellent tool to help generate revenue on products that are not selling and help save money on purchase orders.

This report is useful for all inventory sizes. It loads all products into the report, so the larger the database, the longer it will take to load, however, once loaded filtering is rather quick. We have over 13,000 products in our database and it takes about 30 seconds to fully load all products. Information is gathered and grouped by "model", so make sure all products have a unique model number.

-NOTE: Does not currently support multiple stores. Also, Product options are not currently separated. Both features are scheduled for future releases.

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