Multistore Analytics & Script Manager

Multistore Analytics & Script Manager
For Integrating 3rd Party Scripts, Verifies, Styles, & Data With Ease

Use services like Google Analytics, Adwords, Tag Manager, Webmaster Tools, Optimizely, or Olark? Need a place to put in their scripts and meta verifications on a per-store basis? Tired of editing theme files? Don't understand how to make them work with Multi-Store? This mod is for you!

"Multi-Store Analytics & Script Manager" is a vQmod that will put you in control of your stores scripts, CSS, metas, snippets, or other utility data. This mod extends support for Google Analytics to all stores then adds 4 extra boxes for injecting whatever you desire. This means that you can simply copy & paste any 3rd party data/scripts into whatever location they need -- whether head, body, footer, or order complete.

After installation, you will see new injector boxes when visiting the "server" tab in each store settings. Each box corresponds with an area of your stores source code. If your 3rd party app says "put this code after the opening <body> on each page" then you should paste the code into the "body data injector" of this mod. Simple right?

Solutions For These Common Problems:

  • Insert a Google Analytics script into head of each store
  • Insert a Google Tag Manager script into body of each store
  • Insert an Optimizely experiment script into body each store
  • Insert an Affiliate or Pixel tracker after footer of each store
  • Insert a Live Chat script (like Olark or PhpLive) after footer of each store
  • Insert a Google Adwords conversion tracker after order complete of each store
  • Verify each store separately or make other metas like
  • Verify all stores using Bing, Pinterest, or other shared metas
  • Insert a custom library like Fontawesome on CDNs like Google and jsdelivr into each or all of your stores
  • Insert your own custom JS, CSS, and HTML data for building, tweaking, and testing customizations on-the-fly

Analytics Compatibility Notes:

We keep the default Google Analytics box & settings in store. This mod just extends it to all stores. It should still work with other mods like ecommerce or conversion tracking. Keep the Google Analytics box strictly for its purpose, don't add anything else there. This ensures that other mods are able to use it as an "object" without extras. If you need to add other data into head, use the "Head Data Injector" instead.

Need Multi-Stores in an Extra Google Analytics Property?

What if you wanna see all Real Time visitors in all stores? By adding tracking to the default analytics script, and pointing it through a new subdomain, you can share all stores on an extra property. Here is our guide to do that.

Demo Site: Admin | Catalog

Username & Pass is "demo". Visit "server" tab in store settings and have a look around.


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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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Compatibility, 1.5.6,,,,

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3 Mar 2015

8 Nov 2014
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