Free Shipping PRO

Free Shipping PRO


The main disadvantage of the built-in 'free shipping' module in Opencart, is that it only qualifies one geo-zone for free shipping, and allows you to set only one minimum order total. With the Free Shipping PRO shipping module you can set up different minimum order totals per country, region/state, store and customer group. It also allows you to set a maximum weight limit.

The Free Shipping PRO module allows you to set up different free shipping rules:

  • per country
  • per country zone (region/state)
  • per store (for multistores)
  • per customer group (eg. anonymous vs registered customers)
  • all of the above in different combinations
  • AND a maximum weight value

Free Shipping qualifier message

As an incentive for customers to purchase more on your webshop in order to qualify for free shipping, a free shipping qualifier message is displayed on every add-to-cart action, and on the cart page. The message is personalised, based on the customers current location. This is a great tool to boost conversions!

Shopping cart augmentation

On the shopping cart page, a free shipping qualifier message is displayed as well to encourage the visitor to spend more to qualify for free shipping.

Another free shipping qualifier message is displayed in the header cart module.
In the administration backend, all three qualifier messages can be enabled/disabled.

The qualifier messages can be customized and translated in the backend administration, for every language active in your shop.

user/pwd: demo/demo

Please note: for demonstration purposes the matching script has been modified. In the frontend you will see the free shipping qualifier messages regardless of any free shipping rule for your current location configured in the backend.

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