Quick Attributes Input

Quick Attributes Input

Smart Attribute Tool is THE essential back-end productivity tool for data entry. Regardless of what size your web stores are, big or small, then data entry is normally repetetive and time-consumin. Not with Smart Attribute Tool ! You can csave HUGE amounts of time and tedious effort with our extension.

Auto complete with one click
Smart Attribute Tool simplifies data entry by creating attribute group include many sub-attributes. Your admin panel will appear auto complete table to import data with one mouse click.

Optional default text
In each sub-attributes, you optionally add one by one default text yourself. You can use clear button next to input table if default text need changing a little bit.

Save much time
Imagine that your store has many products which not only similar technical information but also have a lot of attribute. Nothing could be more horrible than that.

Multi languages
Attribute section in admin panel allows you to set personally default text for every languages. It is so convenient for you.

Why you need this module?
Medium and big stores really need a quickly data entry solution and avoid wrong disunited writing methods. Store administrator should use Smart Attribute Tools such as default data input because of its convenience.
Technical support
Our private ticket support system works 24/7 on GMT+7 time zone. We guarantee that slowest reply time could be within 48-hour. In addition, communications and social network might be also used to contact us in specially necessary circumstances.


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