Ultimate Top Header Menu Links Manager

Ultimate Top Header Menu Links Manager
Note: Opencart 3.X version of this extension can be found here: Ultimate Top Header Menu Links Manager - OpenCart 3.X

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PS: Due to requests the mod was updated and added 2 new functionalities: 1) now you as admin can set the columns for the created menu (the same like in categories). 2) Now you can also link the main menu also to any link. ]

As OpenCart ecommerce shop admin I believe you already wanted to modify your top header menu bar.
To add footer links into it, or to add some kind of advertising and noticeable links for your buyers.

Special offers, featured items or even external page links to lead to your other websites or similar. But by default in open cart you can't do it.. But not anymore:)

With This mod: Ultimate Top Header Links manager you can add any type of links to your header menu.
This mod has only one limitation, that is your imagination:)

Now you as admin can add as many custom links, or inner links to your information pages to the header menu and display it as category dropdown in the top menu. So now you can add information about your special discounts, add direct links to your super special products , custom contact forms, newsletter subscriptions or anything you need.

The mod supports multilingual websites, and that's not all, for different languages you can create different header menu links that is in English you can add one link, in another language you can create another menu and link to other pages.

PS: Due to lots of users requests, now you as admin also can select the diferrent links to show in diferent stores (if website is in multistore) that is you can assign link per stores

This is a must to have mod for shop owners who really cares about customer satisfaction...

Admin Access
user: demo
password: demo

Go to Extensions ==> Modules ==> Top Header Links

If you want to modify or make the mod for other opencart version feel free to contact voldemaras@gmail.com

You may be interested also to create unlimited custom links on (left, right , top, footer sections) As a modules and assign to any layouts.

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