Shipping Estimator On Product Page v2.0 (Simular Frete Produto)

Shipping Estimator On Product Page v2.0  (Simular Frete Produto)
Test the module by clicking the link below

#Demo Front End#

What the module does:
- Creates the option to calculate shipping on the product page, making life easier for the customer will no longer need to add the product to the shopping cart to calculate shipping the desired product;

- Compatible with all modules installed shipping on your OpenCart store (Correio, Free Shipping, shipping by weight, shipping by Item, FedEx, Carrier, etc ...)
- Compatible with quantity entered in input buying, shipping is based on quantity entered this button
- Compatible with product options, when the weights is different from an option product
- Compatible with Geo Zone if you choose not hide the State and Country fields

* Does not overwrite files OpenCart

Need for operation:
* Vqmod, baixe (
* Ocmod

News version 3.0.0 and 4.0.0
These versions have administrator module, you can choose from 04 themes return in lightbox or div, type of image loading, you can enter the calculator where you want on the product page with jquery selector;
#Demo administrator module#
Username: demo
Password: demo

Want to opencart previous version 2.x, 3.x, follow the link

#To access#


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