OpenCart Testimonial Extension

This module lets store owners collect and display the customer's testimonials on their website. It comes with a testimonial slider that can show on any page using the layout setting. Admin can approve, reject or delete the customer's testimonial.
It follows a responsive design that shows pixel-perfect on all devices. This extension is compatible with multi-language and supports most of the OpenCart theme.

Simple Setting For Testimonials

It takes only a few minutes to get the extension to start showing the testimonial on the OpenCart website. Follow the below steps.

Go to Settings → Select the background image for the testimonial slider, height and width of the background image, select the text color, customer photo size, etc. Admin can set the text color and text size for the customer testimonial. Also, you can limit the number of testimonials to show on the slider.

In-built Page To show All the Testimonials
This module has its own in-built page layout where all the testimonials are display. All you need to do is create a new page from the layout setting. And enter the path of the testimonial page. You will find the path in the documentation.
You can find a step-by-step guide in the documentation. Also, video tutorial is also available.

Display Testimonial Slider On Any Page Using Layout Setting

A module name testimonial is automatically added to the layout setting. Proceed with the following steps to add the testimonial slider anywhere in the page content.
Go to Layout Setting → Edit the page → Decide the placement either top, left, right, or bottom → Select the testimonial module from the drop-down → Hit the save button.
Now navigate to the page which you just edit the layout. You will see the testimonial slider is displaying. The slider will take the colors from the setting done by the admin.

A Form For collecting Customer's Testimonial

It has a form that use to collect customer testimonials. All you need to link that page on the header or somewhere so that customers will navigate to submit their feedback.
The form consists of a customer name, photo uploader, a textbox to write a testimonial, star rating, country, and designation fields are present. The form will take the website CSS to make sure the form looks perfect.

Admin can Moderate the Testimonial

The module saves all the customer's submitted testimonials. Admin can checks all the testimonials. It is up to the admin to which one to publish, reject or delete.
Just change the status of the testimonial to Enable to publish it. Even Admin can edit or write a new testimonial on behalf of the customer and make changes and publish it.


If you have any kind of question or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

What customers say about Testimonials

Great support! Great product! Works great on our website. I received prompt support from the developer.
Pessima assistenza, anzi inesistente non compratola. Bad assistance, indeed non-existent do not buy it.


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