Brainy Filter Pro for OC2 & OC3

Brainy Filter Pro for OC2 & OC3
Brainy Fil­ter for Open­Cart is a well thought out and excel­lently made mod­ule that allows fil­ter­ing prod­ucts by keywords, brands, prices, avail­abil­ity, rating, options, and prod­uct attrib­utes.

Brainy Filter works on different devices. There is a high-grade HTML/CSS code that is easy to adapt to any custom design. The filter has been tested on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. The filter works with responsive themes.


  • Multiple attribute values support.
  • Filtering by keywords, price (taking into account taxes and discounts; the price range is defined automatically), brands (manufacturers), options (including images), attributes, stock status, and rating.
  • Ability to order attribute values.
  • OpenCart filters support.
  • Automated preparation of filter values and cache tables to increase speed.
  • Ability to have the filter on different layouts.
  • AJAX requests that don't reload the entire page.
  • Retina friendly front-end.
  • Settings to control the way attributes are shown (selectbox, set of checkboxes, radio buttons or a slider).
  • Settings to enable or disable various blocks and product counts.
  • Ability to collapse attribute values.
  • Ability to shrink and expand certain amount of attribute values if there are too many.
  • Filter submission options: 1) applying the filter once a user changes any of the filter settings; 2) applying the filter once a user stops changing settings; 3) applying on a button press (fixed or floating “Apply” button).

Brainy Filter Pro vs. Brainy Filter Ultimate

Both extensions are awesome :) The Ultimate in addition provides ability to override settings separately for each layout and category and more frequent updates.


Demo Version (U: demo, P: demo)

User Guide
Brainy Filter User Guide

Other Versions


  1. Make sure that the version of the Brainy Filter module you have is compatible with the OpenCart version you use.
  2. Install the Brainy Filter module zip-file through the Extension Installer section of your OpenCart. If during the installation you face an error (usually due to lack of write permissions on the server) unzip the module file and copy the content of the upload folder into the root of your OpenCart site.
  3. Go to the Extensions section (the Modules section if it’s OpenCart 2.3 or later), find Brainy Filter in the list of extensions and click on the “Install” icon.
  4. Open the filter control panel and make sure the default Brainy Filter layout has been automatically created (the Module Instances main menu item). If the default layout hasn’t been created, please double-check that you are using the correct version of the extension that suits your OpenCart and try re-installing.
  5. Create an instance for the layout you need (Categories, Manufacturers, etc.).
  6. Update modifications in the Modifications section of your OpenCart.

(!) Before contacting the support please make sure you have read the installation guide and have done everything as required! Please also read our troubleshooting section!

Note that we can only help with supported versions of OpenCart and properly made themes that suit the used OpenCart version. We can install and set up the filter only once. If you change the theme or reinstall OpenCart we will not be able to help again.

(!) When contacting the support please provide your order id and the date of purchase.

(!) As of March 15, 2015 we stop providing support for the filter versions designed for OpenCart

(!) As of January 20, 2016 we stop providing support for MijoShop due to its unstable approach to embedding third party plugins. You still can use our plugin with MijoShop but it may be troublesome if you use MijoShop 3.x+.

We also provide paid support for the filter (adjusting the template, adding custom features) and build great websites of any kind ;-)

What customers say about Brainy Filter Pro for OC2 & OC3

I ınstall the module and i get a multiple errors. I create a ticket and no body returns in 30++ hour. If you don't know PHP, stay away!
The worst filter module ever and wasted money, actually it costed me more for renewing my database.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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