Quick Add to Cart

Quick Add to Cart


This Opencart extension adds a module which can be positioned on any layout of your store. In the module the customer can search for products, on product name, model, SKU, EAN,... and will be served any products that match the search term. After selecting the wanted product the customer can then quickly add the product to the cart. This is useful for regular customers that already know what they want to order.

For example, if you are using OpenCart as a wholesale ordering system, it is very practical for your business customers to be able to quickly add products to the order by using the product name, model, SKU or EAN code.
Another possible use is when your webshop is linked to a paper mailorder catalogue or when your are running printed advertisement campaigns in local magazines.

Time is money!
Especially business customers (B2B) do not want to browse through your entire webshop to decide which products they will order. They already have a very clear idea of the products they need and want to place the order in as little time as possible.

With Quick Add to Cart it is possible to add a large number of products to the cart in very little time. The extension is designed to limit the amount of clicks needed to add products to the cart. This improves user experience. What otherwise would be a very time-consuming and frustrating process will become a very simple, efficient and fast procedure that is done within minutes!

This extension features autocomplete: based on the user input (product name, model, SKU, ISBN, EAN,...), it will suggest possible matches, also showing the product image, product price & product model (configurable in module setup).

Usage and workflow

Upon loading the cart page, the input field for productname/model is active. You can start the input of product name or model immediately. From the suggestions, choose the product you want to order. This can be done with the mouse by clicking on the product name, or with the keyboard using the arrow keys. After selecting the product, the quantity field is activated. Input the desired quantity here and press 'Enter' to add the product to the cart. Alternatively, click the 'Add' button to add the product to the cart.

If the selected product has options, these will be displayed within the module so there is no more redirect to the product page. The customer can stay on the same page.

Module Configuration
Each module can be configured separately (only OC2.0.x.x). You can enable/disable the Product Image, Product Price and Product Model, you can define the dimensions of the Product Image, define a limit on how many matching products will displayed. There is also a Module Style selector which define the overall style of the module and you can define a separator between the different elements.

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10 Aug 2022

28 Nov 2014
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