Product Shipping & Payment

Product Shipping & Payment


Allows you to choose shipping and payment methods for each product separately or to several products at once. Strictly follows the rules and filters shipping and payment methods for all products in the cart. Perfectly fits any template.


▸ Shipping and payment methods are added to the product page and can be managed in a couple clicks.
▸ Batch processing of shipping and payment methods to quickly set them for selected product categories.
▸ Use safe shipping and payment methods to avoid situations, when no methods are available on checkout.
▸ Absolutely template independent, will fit any OpenCart theme.

Current version: 3.1.0 (change log)


There're few similar extensions on the market, but most of them are too complex and require to setup a bunch of conditions separately. Product Shipping & Payment is much easier and can be handled right from the product page. Just edit the desired product, choose any shipping or payment methods you want and save. Moreover, if you want to process several products at once, you can do this easily with Batch Processing option, which applies desired methods to selected product categories.

This is the only extension, which allows you to batch process multiple products in a smart way!


Visit our demo site for OpenCart 2.0 (email:, password: demo), add iPhone to cart and try to checkout. Only Pickup from Store shipping and Cash on Delivery payment methods will be available for you.

Extension's settings can be found in admin section of our demo site for OpenCart 2.0 (username: demo, password: demo). Go to Extensions -> Modules -> Product Shipping & Payment and click Edit button. For new section with selectable methods on product page go to Catalog -> Products, click Edit near any product and select Links tab.


You will find documentation on extension's page. For support us via email or forum.

NOTE: To install and use this extension on OpenCart 3 you must also install OpenCart 3 Compatibility Fixes.


Please, read our support terms before purchase.

What customers say about Product Shipping & Payment

Extremely rude customer support. The extension does not install as per current standards. Customer support replied they "do not care". My advice - stay away from them, DO NOT buy anything from them.
I followed the instructions and install it at least four times, but it still would not show up on the module section. I contacted the developer for support, he was not helpful at all, was very rude and blameful, and also requested that I pay him for him to provide me any support.
money on the air, no refund X(


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