Single click LTL to EUR migration (vQmod)

Single click LTL to EUR migration (vQmod)
This contribution allows easly migrate LTL to EUR currency in single click.

Before BUY this extension make sure:
- The store default currency is (LTL) and the alternate currency(EUR) is active.
- Minimal version of vqmod v 2.4.0. If you have older you can upgrade it.

After BUY this extension make sure:
- Make database BACKUP !!!
- Upload xml file to "public_html/vqmod/xml" folder
- On 2015-01-01 in admin zone click "LTL ยป EUR" blue button;
- Button will disapear when migration complete;
- Check conversion results in Product / Voucher / Coupon pages;
- Manually convert shipping weight based values.
- If (went something wrong) { restore from backup and email me for support; }
else { leave good feedback; }
- Delete uploaded xml file (after migration we dont use it anymore.

You can allways order custom installation contact me.
For custom opencart version installation contact me.

This plugin perfectly works with Display LTL(EUR) currencies side-by-side (vQmod)


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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Compatibility,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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11 Jul 2017

16 Dec 2014
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