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Many of our clients love the simplicity of Opencart however they sometimes forget to fill in the SEO Keyword field and wonder what it does. Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply type the Title and the SEO Keyword field auto populates?

Well this is what this mod does and saves a lot of double entry typing too:

This extension enables Auto SEO Keywords for your Products, Categories, Manufacturers and Information pages. It uses the 'Name' of the Product/Category/Manufacturer/Information page as it's basis.

If you have already populated the SEO Keyword, it will not overwrite this when you edit the name of the item that you are editing. It will only automatically fill the SEO Keyword in if the SEO Keyword input is empty when the page loads.

The script also adds a link next to the SEO Keyword input that lets you automatically populate the input based on the current name.

An unminified, commented version of autoseo.min.js is included in the zip if you wish to tweak the script.

The script is 408 bytes minified and Gzipped. Please click here for a demo of this working.

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Compatibility, 1.5.4,,

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22 Jul 2015

6 May 2011
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