24h/ 7 Fashion Template

24h/ 7 Fashion Template
Template Name: Fashion Responsive

Live Demo:

24h/ 7 Fashion Template

Demo user account:

USER: test@test.com

- If you are testing the template on PC, please shrink your browser to see it in action.
- Wenn Sie das Template am Pc testen, machen sie bitte das Browserfenster kleiner und größer damit Sie das Template in Aktion sehen.
- Quando testate il template, ingrandite e rimpicciolite la finestra del browser per vedere il template in azione.

Additional free source files:

- FREE logo

Additional FREE Plugins:

- Ultimate Responsive ZenSlider

Compatibility/ compatibilità/ Compatibilität:
- Opencart and later

Features /proprietà/ Eigenschaften:
- 100% Responsive Theme; good usability for all Devices (phones, iPad, iPhone, mobile phones, tablets, Desktops, ecc.) from 240px to 10000px
- Added for free the ultimate responsive ZenSlideshow
- Modernized and powered up all forms with additional validation color warnings
- Modern Jquery language and currencies menu
- in the product section, you can add images to the select options, radio buttons options and image options; in the storefront section the will change if e.g. a color is selected. ----> DEMO
- ecc

Additional info:

The harmonical colors combination of black, white and purple is perfect for selling fashion goods, but you can sell quite everything with this modern Template, styled for all kind of Devices and modern Browsers, in according with the latest trends.

- In the package are included the instructions in English and Italian language
- Im Templatepaket ist eine Schritt-für-Schritt Installationsanleitung dabei
- Nel pacchetto di installazioni sono incluse le istruzioni per l'istallazione

Browser support:

- Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera, Safari and all mobile browsers

Device support/ supporto dispositivi/ Geräteunterstützung:

- All modern Devices

Additional customization services:

- Installation and configuring Template - $30
- Installing Opencart - $30
- FREE Support

For other infos please contact us here.
Per altre informazioni potete contattarci qui.
Für weitere informationen können Sie uns hier kontaktieren.

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