OpenCart Checkout module

OpenCart Checkout module
This extension was made by Ukrainian developer.

Checkout module is a multifunctional module for managing checkout, registration and authorization on your website. You can create an unlimited number of forms with the needed set of various fields (both ordinary or dynamic, which displaying when choosing values ​​from other fields), the module has no analogues with the same functionality, which provides flexibility in displaying the module in various places on your site. This is not just a module that allows you to place an order (two or three fields and a checkout button, but also a full-fledged form with a choice of payment methods and everything else), but it also takes care of user authorization and registration. The module also simplifies the process of creating / editing an order and creating / editing a customer in the admin panel.

Dear customers. The demo site displays only a part of the functionality that works in the module, since it is difficult to predict what you need. Therefore, please, if you have questions about the module's operation or have a specific problem, but you doubt whether the module will help solve it, so I recommend that you ask about it on the module's support page or write me a private message.

Pay attention. Especially to save your time, when you first set up a module, the form you are creating, fields, etc., a "Quick Start" service was provided. "Quick Start" - allows you to install a basic set of 21 forms, 32 types of fields, 3 templates for e-mail notifications, as well as basic module settings in one click. You can order this option by extra 20 usd, just contact me after module purchase for more details.

Buyers most often use this module to:
- realization the "Order in 1 click with a minimum set of fields"
- realization the "Checkout in the shopping cart"
- realization the "Simplified ordering"
- realization the "Step by step ordering"
- realization the "More convenient ordering on the site"
- realization the "Simplified user registration on the site"
- other replacements of the checkout module
- simplifying the process of editing or creating an order in the admin area
- simplifying the process of editing or adding a user in the admin area

    ➥ module control is performed on one page.
    ➥ editing the module parameters is performed without reloading the page.
    ➥ convenient push notification system for the control panel of the module.
    ➥ ability to export and import module settings.
    ➥ ability to install Quick start module configuration (extra cost).
    ➥ the ability to edit the module styles file through the module control panel.
    ➥ the ability to compress the main JS module script file.
    ➥ the ability to upload user files through the form of the module.
    ➥ the ability to create related fields.
    ➥ the ability to ban users by IP/Email so they are cannot use the module forms.
➥ optimized connection of necessary js plugins + css files.
    ➥ the module does not contain files in which the code is encrypted or obfuscated.

    ➥ the module is translated into 3 languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian).
    ➥ over 300 module settings.

Form fields
    ➥ available 5 types of module displaying: popup module, static module, static module anywhere, sidebar module, page module.
    ➥ available 22 types of fields: firstname, lastname, email, telephone, fax, company, address_1, address_2, country_id, zone_id, postcode, comment, select, radio, checkbox, text, textarea, file, date, time, date and time, verification_code.
    ➥ available 3 types of fields validation: for a non empty value, by regular expression and a check for min and max length.
    ➥ the ability to create related fields.
    ➥ the ability to create a separator header between the fields of the form.
    ➥ the ability to display the title, placeholder, description for the field.
    ➥ the ability to display an icon for the field and field value.
    ➥ the ability to set the value mask for the field.
    ➥ the ability to call module by direct link or url hash-code.
    ➥ the ability to customize and stylize the pop-up window for module.
    ➥ the ability to specify the allowed file types and size for upload.
    ➥ the ability to specify how many files can be upload.
    ➥ the ability to specify an article for agreement to the user.
    ➥ the ability to create unique HTML templates for Email notifications.
    ➥ the ability to create unique SMS templates for notifications.
    ➥ the ability to use two-factor confirmation email/telephone on registration.
    ➥ the ability to select main registration method by email or telephone.
    ➥ the ability to use address autocomplete via API.
    ➥ support for Google reCAPTCHA v2.
    ➥ multi-language and multi-store support.
    ➥ support RTL or LTR text direction.
    ➥ module requires license activation.

    ➥ Admin page: demo / demo | View
    ➥ Catalog page: View

    ➥, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3.0 .2.0,,,,,,,


    ➥ Minimum PHP version: 5.4.
    ➥ The module does not work on localhost.

By purchasing software developed by OCdevWizard, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of this agreement. The Agreement shall enter into force upon the purchase of software sold through this website, or by receiving it by e-mail or by any other means. If you do not agree to these licensing terms, do not use and/or buy this software.
By purchasing software from the author of OCdevWizard, the user agrees to:
➥ Module is 100% open-source and you own it forever without any subscriptions or annual payments.
➥ You have right to use software updates and premium technical support (consultation on software settings and correcting design errors) for a period of 1 year after purchase.
➥ The buyer has the right to use product by principle "one purchased license per one OpenCart installation".
➥ You can use one license in multi store OpenCart with multiple domains in case if you have only one OpenCart installation.
➥ You cannot sell or resell this software without the written permission of the author.
➥ You cannot give or distribute this software without the written permission of the author.
➥ You cannot change the name of this software without the written permission of the author.
➥ You cannot represent this software as your own.
➥ You cannot use or remove software components to use them outside of software files.
➥ You cannot delete the author’s copyright from software files.
➥ Software is provided on the basis of the “AS IS” principle.
➥ Product are tested on default OpenCart installation, in some cases may not guarantee to work out of the box.
The author of the software reserves the right to amend the terms of this license agreement and change its clauses at any time without additional notifications, and also reserves the right to terminate support, refuse access to updates if the user violates this license agreement.

➥ Please use my customer support site to request help or report a bug.
➥ Please do not use comments for error messages.
➥ Paid technical support is provided in cases where there is a conflict with external modules/products/templates. Please accept this with the understanding that the developer cannot make his own module 100% compatible with all external extensions. That is why in some cases it is necessary to adapt the module to a non-standard configuration and system settings of the store. Therefore, the solution to such problems will be paid separately from the cost of the module.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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