OC2 EU VAT Number Validation

OC2 EU VAT Number Validation


In version 2.0 of Opencart, with the addition of custom fields, the option to validate a customer's VAT number is no longer available. This extension aims to fill that void (and more!).

Without proper verification that your customer is indeed a legitimate company with a valid and active VAT number, you risk ending up getting charged for the exempt VAT yourself by your local tax collector. Malicious individuals might pretend to be a registered company to avoid paying VAT. With this extension, instead of having to manually verify the validity of the VAT number for each new customer, this dull but important task is automatically done for you.

VAT number custom field with validation

In essence, this extension adds a 'VAT number' custom field to the registration form and checkout. Values entered in this field will be automatically checked against the VIES EU VAT number database. It is possible to enable/disable the validation per customer group. What's more, while customers located outside of the EU VAT zone still have the ability to enter a VAT number or ID (eg. South Africa, Canada, ...), the input value does not have to validate to complete the registration or checkout process. So effectively, the 'VAT number' custom field is only a required field for EU customers.

This extension is essential if your webshop aims to sell to professional customers within the EU VAT zone. Additionally, if your webshop targets both individual and professional customers, inside or outside the EU VAT zone, this extension will make your life a lot easier.

VAT number validation

On the front-end, VAT validation is available anywhere the custom 'VAT number' field is displayed: on the registration form, and the checkout form (both registration and guest). Validation occurs automatically when the field looses focus (with AJAX) and when on form submit.

VAT Validation in backend administration

For your convenience, VAT number validation is also available when creating a new customer in the backend. Click the 'Validate' button to the right of the 'VAT number' field to check the VAT number.

Comes with detailed documentation how to properly set up EU Intracommunity supplies with VAT exempt in Opencart 2.0.x.x.

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