Free Shipping Teaser

Free Shipping Teaser


Boost your sales and encourage your customers to spend more in order to qualify for free shipping. If the customer is located within the geo zone eligible for free shipping, this extension will add a custom message to the success alert. The visitor's location (country-level) is determined with IP geolocation.

In the administration backend, the teaser message can be enabled/disabled, and the displayed messages can be translated and customized for the languages available on your website.

The teaser is also displayed on the cart page.

The built-in Free shipping module uses the Sub-Total (before taxes and discounts). This extension will calculate the difference between the current cart sub-total and required sub-total needed to qualify for free shipping.
I am aware that this might be confusing to the customer. But this is the way the default Free Shipping module works, and this extension will not change that. If you want a more accurate free shipping qualifier message, which uses the Cart Total (including taxes and discounts), you can use my Free Shipping PRO extension.

This is a trimmed down version of Free Shipping PRO extension.

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12 Apr 2016

21 Jan 2015
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