Twitter Conversion Tracking Analytics

Twitter Conversion Tracking Analytics

This Opencart extension will allow you to integrate 1 or more Twitter Conversion Tags in your Opencart webshop(s), to measure the return on investment from Twitter ad campaigns. It is possible to add conversion tags to any webpage of your choice, with multistore support. All tag categories are supported: Purchases, Site Visits, Sign up and Custom.

Twitter’s conversion tracking lets you attribute conversions beyond last URL-click, to include actions driven by all types of ad engagements (like clicks, retweets, or favorites) and impressions. Set up conversion tracking on your website to analyze, compare, and optimize your direct response campaigns.
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Optionally, you can also set up a global Site Visits tag.

This tag will be activated on all pages, and acts as a catch-all. This way you can collect information about your website's visitors and use this information for re-marketing. This allows you to specifically target your Twitter ads to people that have visited your website in the past, and who are more likely to convert on your webshop.Learn more

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10 Aug 2022

29 Jan 2015
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