[OCJ] SeoPro/OC2 - single fixed product URL with language code

SeoPro for OC2 (Opencart v2.x)

Free, available on Github.

If you are looking for older version (for Opencart v1564), switch to oc1564 branch:

* SeoPro for OC2: oc2011, oc2031-oc2101/2102
* SeoPro for OC 1.5.x: oc1564


Extension can be installed either automatically or manually.

For manual install refer to the `HOWTO-install-manual.en.txt` file.
For automated OCMOD installation instructions see the `HOWTO-install-ocmod.en.txt` file.

What the main idea of SeoPro and what the difference from default SeoUrl

In Russian: http://opencartforum.ru/topic/20526-seopro-vs-seourl/

Product can be assigned to SEVERAL categories in Opencart. This is why product can have different URLs out of the box with standard SeoUrl (seo_url) library.

* How this works with default SeoUrl?

By specifying CANONICAL meta tag. Product can have several physical
addresess in the shop, have categories and subcategories in URL, and so on.
But all of them point to one canonical address: `domain.com/seokeyword`.
This is canonical address of the product page.

There is all okay for search engines. Opencart tolds the right logical
address to search engines, shop have multiple physical addresess for product

Webmaster tools logs this situation and show the stats: how many physical
pages point to their canonical address and therefore not counted as
different pages.

* How this solved with SeoPro?

SeoPro adds the MAIN CATEGORY term for products and changes the library that
forms URLs. Product still can be assigned to several categories, but you
must decide: which category is main (canonical address).

This allows to recover full category path from any point, when we have only
`product_id` and don't have the `path` parameter. As result - we now able to
have the unified product URL (with full path) in modules on home page: such
as Bestsellers module, for example. The Opencart engine can now return one
unified URL for product.

Canonical URL = physical URL. No more physical address duplicates pointing
to one canonical URL.

Canonical address of the product now can contain full category path. Or do
not use categories-based path -- this can be selected in settings.

What you will have using SeoPro:

  • each product have single physical URL and one fixed breadcrumb as result;
  • Product still can be assigned to multiple categories;
  • store doesn't have multiple addresses pointing to one page;
  • all database queries to `url_alias` are cached (increased performance);
  • nice URLs on any route;
  • language code included in URL: Google can index product descriptions in all languages! Miltilanguage URL! Hreflang support.
  • added 2015-02-10: optional hide default language code in URL

The SeoPro extension DOES NOT GENERATE SEO URL (Seo Keyword) fields. If you need that, try OCJ Seo URL keyword Autofill extension: it may help to fill this field and manually control it for duplicates.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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