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Callback Pro 10.4
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Trade Management - a return call to the registration counter and in the admin.
The next version, already hackneyed all and sundry callback. but ... This version is designed specifically for those who are used to the visibility, information content and ease of administration of the store.
And so can this module:
1 Displays the store page button callback, with the ability to download style buttons.
2 When you click the button pops up (popup) window with a form containing fields for filling the field with contact + + infoy informer send a message.
3 sent on a mission E-mail notification of the application for "Callback" + registration record in the admin area, with an obvious indicator applications. DEPARTMENT column menu to go to the administrative part of the module
4 Visual-informative part of the administrative processing of applications - saving time manager and allows managers to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of their team.
5 handler calls allows you to insert comments and registriyuschy long process, only after manager selection process orders (cures forgetfulness enter "who communicate with customers" and identifies the most active.
6 configurable in the settings menu box store additional messages. Spoiler This module is designed to meet the needs of owners of major IM and is the first in the series "Trade Management" in the near future will write additional modules simplifies the administration of large projects with the number of managers of more than 2 people. Suggestions and comments on the work welcome. Added status Skype, if you are in a network that shows the status Online. Spoiler For correct operation of the module tkroyte your Skype Tools / Settings / Security / show moysetevoy status on the Internet. Also, if the contact information fields are not filled, it displays only the window callback. demo Admin login demo password demo Once again, the module is only the 1st of a series of modules to manage the store. In functionality already incorporated to further expand its capabilities in co-operation with other modules in this series (until the planned total number number 7), but may be in the process and more. Functional usefulness was put under the administration of large-scale projects with the number of products 300 thousands. + 2) Now for the "goodies" and "Nishtyachkah" in System -Nastroyki- Shop - Change module added color settings tab "Callback" Flowers icons and information displayed in the module Spoiler 3) Added sending SMS to a specified number (manager or store manager) through send messages ot20kop. 4) Improved compatibility with earlier versions of ocStore 5) added a mask on your phone 6) manager process orders pulled a gun.


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