Size Chart Popup for Product

Size Chart Popup for Product
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If you are selling products for shoes/clothes that are size maters. They may use different measure systems, and it’s a good idea to have a size chart table. With this size chart module, you can create size chart templates, and assign them to products. Customer will see a nice little icon (or link text) right after the option. For example, Shoes will have a shoe size chart table, cloths will have a cloth size chart table.

Main features
1. Display Size Chart icon/link on any product page
2. Pop up Size Chart content with colorbox
3. Or, open Size Chart in a new page
4. Multi-language supported
5. Different icons for each language
6. Each product has specific size chart
7. No vqmod or ocmod, no changes to your files
8. Easy install with OpenCart extension installer

OpenCart 3.0 Demo

OpenCart 2.0 Demo

OpenCart Demo

Change log
== v3.0.0 ==
1. Support OpenCart v3.x
2. Rewrite with Event for better theme compatibility.

1. v3.0.3.8 Bug fix

== v2.0.0 ==
1. Support v2.3.x.
2. Better theme compatibility.

== v1.1.1 ==
1. Fixed size chart select not showing when add option on Admin product edit page.
2. Performance improvements.

== v1.1 ==
1. Redesign of Size Chart Admin pages, easier to understand.
2. Use Icon or Text for size chart link with product option.
3. Open size chart in a new page (seo url ready), or pop up.
4. Attach size chart to more than one option of a product (old version allows you attach only one size chart to a product)

1. I use a custom theme; does this module work for it?
The module code in the zip is coded for default theme. If you use a custom theme, we are happy to customize the code for your theme, for FREE.
2. Which version of OpenCart does it support?
It supports OpenCart v2.0.x up to the latest v3.x. Also it works with the old OpenCart v1.5.6.x.


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