Related options 2 [vqmod]

Related options 2 [vqmod]
The module allows to create combinations of related product options. This functionality can be useful for sales of products with interlinked (dependent/related) options, such as size and color for clothes.

Main features of the module:
  • uses standard opencart product options as a base (if a product has no related options, standard opencart options will work as usual)
  • manages options of types: "Select", "Radio" and "Image"
  • allows to combine any number of options
  • allows to set different model, SKU, UPC, EAN, location, Out Of Stock Status, weight and price (including discounts and specials) for each combination of related options
  • updates the product code (model) on product pages depending on selected combinations of related options
  • limits customer's choice: only available options combinations can be selected and added to cart (unsuitable values of options will be disabled or hidden)
  • allows customers to select options ​​in any order (limitations work anyway) or step-by-step (optional)
  • allows to control the product stock (quantity) per combination of related options
  • allows to set default combination of related options
  • has simple import/export features (XLS)
  • completely compatible and recommended to be used together with our Live Price extension (dynamic update of the product price depending on selected options)

If you need to use more than one variant of option combinations per product you can use the PRO-version of the module Related Options PRO

Animated demonstration:

This is the module for OpenCart 2.x, for OpenCart 3.x please use Related Options 3 or Related Options PRO 3

The module is compatible with:
  • Live Price to dynamically update the price (including discounts, special etc) on the product page, depending on selected options and quantity.
  • Live Price PRO improved version of the Live Price module, which allows not only to update the price on the product page depending on selected options, but also to set global discounts and specials, to set discounts and specials in percentage and have more useful pricing features.
  • Product Option Image PRO to change main product image and list of additional images on product page depending on selected options (allows to set some images per option value).
  • Parent-child Options to show/hide child options (option groups) depending on selected values of parent options.
  • Quantity Per Option to display separate "Quantity" inputs for option values
  • Product Block Option (id 10910)
  • Product Color Option (id 6907)
  • Product Image Option DropDown(id 7176)

Related Options module is compatible with most of themes (including Journal, etc.).
If you have any issue, email to, we will help

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