OC2 - Discounts Pack

OC2 - Discounts Pack


NEW: Available for OC1.5.x.x!
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This Discounts Pack bundles several discount modules:

  • Volume/Tier
  • Loyalty

  • Category Discount
  • Customer Group Discount
  • Manufacturer Discount
  • Ordertotal Discount

All discounts are processed as Order Totals. For every discount, a seperate order total line will be displayed in the cart.

Setting up discounts
Configuring discounts is really easy and is similar to the way you configure product discount or specials. Discounts can be limited to a particular customer group and limited in time with start- and end date. Additionally, it is possible to set up a minimum quantity. This way you can configure discounts in this form: 'Buy 5 products of brand Y to get 15% off' or 'Buy 6 products of product category Z to get 10% off'.

AJAX Save & Stay
Because the discount modules use AJAX to save the edits to the database, there is no waiting on page-load, which will save you time. Each discount rule also has an on/off switch that immediately enables/disables the specified discount.

Product Discounts & Specials
As an extra, we have included a convenient module where you can edit the product discounts you normally would edit on the Product Edit page. With this module you can edit all product discounts on 1 page. This allows you to work really quickly.

The comments section below is not for support requests or bug reports. Please send an email to support@jorimvanhove.com.

What customers say about OC2 - Discounts Pack

I've purchased this module yesterday and the module is "MUST" for your OC shop ! Also Jorim is life-saver. The support was fast and really professional.
I bought before 3 other Mods for Discounts but what in hell going on there? THIS is the BEST Discount Tool i tested on OC ! User friendly??? The simplest and so greatest from all, Thanks a lot! Its great!


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