Smart Image Manager

Smart Image Manager
This extension was made by Ukrainian developer.

⍟ What’s "Smart Image Manager"? ⍟
..."Smart Image Manager" is an OpenCart extension designed to simplify mass or single image`s uploading. You can create, rename, replace, delete image folders. Also you can delete, set to category, set to product, set to brand any image.
...The team of the developers "OCdevWizard" offers you the excellent solution for your business: module which needs absolutely each internet store. Don’t lose you time – buy the module "Smart Image Manager" just now and estimate all its benefits.

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⍟ "Smart Image Manager" Features ⍟
✯ Has no analogues among the thematic modules.
✯ Upload single-file and multiple file upload.
✯ Ajax image uploading.
✯ Store image management.
✯ Can clear image cache.
✯ Supports such file types as: .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif.
✯ Drag & Drop function for uploading files.
✯ Tab Folder management, there you can Move, Rename, Add new, Delete folders.
✯ Tab Image management, there you can manage images.
✯ Function to select in which folder upload images.
✯ Do not compresses the image.
✯ Has no restrictions on the size of uploaded images.
✯ Using vQmod or OCmod.
✯ Simple Installation.

⍟ Installation, System requirements, Notice ⍟
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⍟ Support Information ⍟
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⍟ Terms & Conditions ⍟
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⍟ FAQ ⍟
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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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24 Apr 2022

15 Feb 2015
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