CleverReach E-Mail Marketing

CleverReach E-Mail Marketing
CleverReach® e-mail marketing software is a very powerful online marketing tool. This extension allows you to use the full potential of OpenCart and CleverReach®. Additionally, you get full GDPR compliance or your newsletters!


  • Automatically push customers to CleverReach® after registration or after accout editings of the newsletter flag
  • Send double Opt-In Emails to new registrants
  • Bulk uploading of your customers to your CleverReach e-mail lists
  • Language specific addition to CleverReach® e-mail lists
  • Multi-store capability

Installation (OpenCart 3):

  • Your account at CleverReach needs to have REST API permission ticket inside the profile menu
  • Inside the CleverReach Admin navigate to My Account > Extras > REST API
  • There you find the button "Create OAuth", which opens a menu. Add an App Name (e.g. My OpenCart store), select the REST API version 3 and tick the Scopes in order to give permission.
  • Inside the section "Your Oauth Apps" you will find your entry. There you'll find a Client ID and a Client Secret, these are required inside OpenCart at a later step.
  • Buy this module and upload it to your OpenCart store (Extensions > Installer), or use the integrated OpenCart Marketplace. After Installation CleverReach can be found inside the Marketing menu.
  • Open Marketing > CleverReach and enter the Client ID and Client Secret from the CleverReach OAuth App and click on Save (top right corner).
  • Follow the authentication steps and go back to OpenCart, there you will find all required options.
  • Additionally, inside the Customers > Customers menu you find a button (top right corner) for bulk uploading existing customers to CleverReach. You have to select customers with the respective checkboxes and the click on the button.

Common problems:

  • Be sure that you have the correct permissions with your backend user
  • In the admin backend `System > Users > User Groups` you find the user group permissions
  • Set Access/Modify Permissions for `cleverreach/cleverreach` for the respective User Group

Managing your e-mail marketing campaigns was never easier!


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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