Multiple PayPal Payments Pro Payflow Edition Accounts Feature

Great extension for businesses that have Paypal credit card transactions less then $7 and more then $7. Paypal has micro transaction accounts that allow for a smaller transaction fee to be charged. This extension allows you to load both a Micro Transaction Account information, and normal Paypal merchant account information, set the dollar amount threshold ($7 for example) and any customers checking out with a total less then $7 would be processed on the micro account, and customer checking out with a total more the $7 will be processed through the normal paypal account. This could save your business 100s and 1,000s per year just on lower transaction fees. Works with PayPal Payments Pro Payflow Edition payments only. This isn't my day job so I don't offer a whole lot of support, but I will respond to emails. For under $15 you can give this extension a try, you'll make that money back in no time if implemented properly. Check our growing company out at


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30 Jul 2015

3 Mar 2015
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