Store Manager 2k

This "plug-in" provides full multi-vendor and proper multi-store support, allowing you to use your OpenCart system as a "mall", with users (vendors) managing their own products, categories, downloads, etc., and provides proper multi-store support with independently configurable shipping methods, payment gateways, order totals and product feeds.

How Does It Work?
At it's heart is the "Store Manager" module. This system tool allows you to manager your stores and users more efficiently.

Stores created/managed through the "Store Manager", will be allocated a user to "manage" the store from a pool of "store managers". This pool of "store managers" are admin users who are members of the Store Managers admin user group. These users have a restricted view of the administration, with access only to their own categories, products, downloads, information pages, etc.

When a "store manager" logs in to the admin, they are presented with a tailored view, starting from the dashboard page. All information here (summary, statistics graphs, last 10 orders) is specific to the store(s) owned by the logged in user. They will only be able to access their own categories, products, downloads, informations and reviews on their products. All built-in reporting is also tailored to the user's store(s).

Users can create their own categories/sub-categories which will appear as sub-categories/sub-sub-categories (etc) under their category on the main site (if the default store is selected) and/or as categories/sub-categories (etc) on the user's site (if their store is selected).

Features include:
    Independent products, categories, downloads, information pages, options, attributes, etc.
    Independent settings for extensions, including modules, payment gateways, shipping methods, etc.
    Optional "sub-store" links, changes the link for a store category to link to the store instead of sub-category on main site. When this option is selected, product links will also link to the product page on the sub-store instead of the main site.

Demo at Demos @ Fido-X (

Documentation included.

Compatible with OpenCart versions 2.0.1.x, 2.0.2.x and 2.0.3.x.

Now includes support for modules.

Update available!

Model has been pulled apart into smaller "chunks", making efficiency improvements with lower resource usage and faster page loads.
Propeor "install/uninstall" procedures. Uninstall process removes any tables added during the install process, while leaving your users and stores intact.
Option to delete user data (images, uploads and downloads) and user's stores when deleting user.
Option to delete user (and any user data and sob-stores) when deleting a store if user's main store.
Validation to ensure URL is unique to your operation.
Fixed "Undefined index: store_id in system\modification\admin\controller\design\layout.php" when adding new layout.
Fixed store_id exploit in GET for extensions.

Bugfix Update:
Fixes "Call to undefined method ModelFidoManager::getCategories()" error.

Further Update:
Fixes some other errors found as a result of breaking the model into smaller chunks.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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