Hide Out-of-Stock Products - OpenCart 2.0.x, vQmod 2.3+

NEW VERSION - v1.0.2 - Refined queries to work more efficiently. Added support for "Latest" and "Popular" Modules. Option now exists to disable Google sitemap indexing for zero quantity pages, if desired (see documentation).

v1.0.1 - Added support for hiding "Related Products" that have a quantity of "0". Any related product that becomes sold out will disappear from all product pages that reference it. Related products reappear as soon as the quantity becomes greater than "0".

About this Extension:
This extension is designed to hide all products within your store that sell out and become “0” in quantity. The extension will automatically adjust the product quantity that tallies next to the category name. (For example, if your store has 100 items, and one item sells out completely, the product total on your categories page will now display 99 items.)

Please note, you will still see 100 items in your admin area because the product still exists as a record in the database.

This extension will likely be helpful for those who do not plan to restock items that have reduced to a quantity of "0". This extension will probably /not/ be as helpful to a store owner who continuously restocks the same out-of-stock items, because in such situations it is best to show that sold out products are still being carried.

Compatible with stores using integer and/or decimal quantities.

What customers say about Hide Out-of-Stock Products - OpenCart 2.0.x, vQmod 2.3+

Great extention! Almost what I wanted. But seems not hided from "Related Products" in OC2.3

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