[OCJ] Autofill SEO URL Keywords on create/edit pages

[OCJ] Autofill SEO URL Keywords on create/edit pages
Module makes "SEO URL" field more friendly: it shows existing SEO Keywords (you can use them as template), alerts you with red background about entering already used SEO URL, automatically fills the field when you enter Product Title (and you can manually regenerate it pressing special button).

We also add special report that finds SEO URL duplicates in database. Just select "Tools -> SEO Keywords" and you will see table with duplicates if they exist! Table contains direct links, so you able to click and edit products, categories, manufacturers and articles right here, from the report.

For list pages of Products, Categories, Manufacturers and Information:

* added new column "SEO Keyword";
* new "SEO Keyword duplicates" report.

For Category, Product, Manufacturer and Information edit forms:

* autofill function for "SEO URL Keyword", "Meta Keywords" and "Meta Description" fields using information from the Name and Description fields;
* the "Fill" link for mandatory fillout of those fields;
* Dynamic combobox for the "SEO URL Keyword" field:

* creates a dynamic contextual dropdown list of existing keywords
when you entering letters. You can see "nearest" existing keywords and
use them as reference;

* if user typed an already existed keyword the field's background became

* user can select existed keyword from a dropdown box and use it as a
template for a new one.

Languages ready to use:

* English,
* Russian.


* Opencart 2.0.1.x
* Opencart
* Opencart
* Opencart




  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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