Twitter Product Card and Facebook OG for Opencart

Twitter Product Card and Facebook OG for Opencart
This was a simple mod to add your products to twitter. This vqmod was specifically targeted for Twitter ONLY and DID NOT include any open graph data for Facebook.

Due to the amounts of email request we have ADDED FACEBOOK OG DATA to version 3.1

If you are currently or have always wanted to improve and drive massive amount of traffic to twitter, this vqmod does exactly that. Twitter has become very popular and business friendly for e-commerce sites recently wanting to showcase there products to a larger audience and increase sales.

Current Version: 2.0.8

vQmod is required for this modification to work.

What does this vQmod modification do?

No files are overwritten.
Adds Twitter Meta Data to product_id's.
Adds markup for Twitter Product Cards into product pages.


The Twitter Meta Data is only used on the product pages ONLY, that means you must submit a product page too the Twitter Validation Tool, If you submit a page not considered a product, such as the home page, catalog,information or any other page not considered a product, you will most definitely get an error message.

Twitter Validation Tool:

Changelog 1.0:

Added additional code for {[data] Special Price}. The price will be FALSE or empty if there is no special pricing for the product and will remain the same original price. If you have a "Special Price" for a single or multiple products, it will show the current "Special Price" instead of the original price.

Changelog 3.1:

Added Facebook OG Data v3.1

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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27 Mar 2015

17 Mar 2015
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