Product Based Shipping (vqMod)

Set Different Shipping Price for Each Product - compatible with OC ver 1.4.9.x,1.5.x & 2.x
This extension helps you define shipping price on product basis. Now you can define shipping per product basis easily. After installation of this extension, you will see a new entry field on Product detail page under "Data" tab. Enter the shipping price for the selected product and save.
You can exclude this shipping option for products where Shipping Cost is Zero which means normal/other shipping rates will be applied if Shipping Cost is zero for a product. You can set this option easily in the configuration area.

You can use this extension in parallel with any other shipping extension, you already using.
for demo 1.5.x (store front)
(admin area navigation- Extensions->Shipping->Product Based Shipping)
user: demo
pass: demo

vqMod version for OpenCart 1.5.x
ocMod version for OpenCart 2.x

For any queries/bug report or installation request, please email at
Installation for single server will be charged only @ $25.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility,,,,,,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,

Last Update
13 Apr 2016

27 May 2011
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