Mass Item Quantity Discounts

Mass Item Quantity Discounts
Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

Extension is available in 2 types of installation:

Everyone who runs e-shop knows that offering a bundle sales attracts more buyers. The buyers start to combine with family members and instead of buying 1 item they buy 2-5-10 items at once. So as Admin you are adding these special quantity discounts to attract more and more buyers, but there is one issue...

By default in Open Cart when you want to add the discount price with for quantities or special buyer group
you have to do it ONE BY ONE , and that is not an issue if you are selling 10 or 20 items at your store...

It is even painful to imagine how much time it consumes to add 1 by one row at a time and one by one item , it will take hours just to add these special quantity discounts to 100 items and what if you are selling 1000 or 20000? Yes the answer is it will take FOREVER:) And throw a stone at me if i am wrong saying that we all want things done fast:)

So here comes the solution No more wasted time adding these quantity discounts...

This mod will allow you to set up mass Discounted price for different quantities, different seller groups, categories or manufacturers. with a few mouse clicks

Simply set to which group to apply the discount, set the discount rate itself in percent, add quantity the discount must be applied on, select the categories / manufacturers if you need, set set the time period and you are done:) The discounts applied.

you can repeat as many times as you need to add different discounts on quantities.

Installation is simply just upload an extension to your server (no overwritten files).

And configure it in Extensions>modules.

PS: if you need to set mass special discounts on SPECIAL TAB this is the mod you also may be interested


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