PDF Invoice (with autosend) - OC 2.x-3.x

PDF Invoice (with autosend) - OC 2.x-3.x

PDF Invoice (with AutoSend) - allow store owner to generate PDF invoices (if option autosend is enabled, extension can also send email + pdf invoice attached directly to customer WHEN GENERATE INVOICE NUMBER IS PRESSED - in view order)

You can define:
- page size / orientation
- margins
- pdf file name
- location where you want to save pdf (if autosend is enabled)
- email send to customer (with pdf invoice attached)
- how you want to see pdf invoice: view in browser or show download dialog (new button "Print invoice PDF" was added)
- auto send (automatically send email + pdf invoice to customer when invoice number is generated) + option to send same mail to admin (copy of email)

Install guide is available here: http://www.oc-extensions.com/PDF-Invoice-AutoSend-Opencart-2.x
(read tab Help)


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