Social Login (powered by SocialAll) [vQ-Mod]

Social Login (powered by SocialAll) [vQ-Mod]
Update 14-09-2016: Social Login - Opencart 2.3 supported
Update 26-05-2016: Social Login - Opencart 2.2 supported
Update 10-03-2016: added Yahoo!, Weibo, Twitch and Steam login
Update 04-02-2016: Support "customize theme" in manage theme for Opencart ver 2.1.x
Update 12-01-2016: Support custom size for manage theme. And setting Site default for Ebay login
Update 12-01-2016: Added some new theme of the network icons
Update 25-12-2015: added Instagram, Pinterest, Ebay and Amazon login

Social Login powered by SocialAll - 15+ Social Networks - Opencart 2.1 supported

Social Login is a FASTEST way to setup and login using existing social account such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Live, Plurk, Tumblr,, Reddit,, Vkontakte, Disqus, Wordpress, Foursquare, Github, Instagram, Pinterest, Ebay, Amazon...

Social Login helps your user log in faster without concerning about forgetting password or complex sign up procedure. With Social Login, your website will become more friendly and convenience thanks to password security and sign up time-saving. Social Login will satisfy your most fastidious customers.
This module uses a central service – SocialAll for authentication login for easy installation and in order to quickly future updating from providers.


1. Install module Social Login in Opencart Admin > Extensions > Modules
2. Create an account at SocialAll
3. Login to your account at SocialAll and create an application.
4. Select tab "Application info", copy App ID & Secret Key to your Opencart Admin > Extensions > Modules > Social Login > Api Settings
5. You can skip this step if you are using "SocialAll public app configuration", or you can follow our User Guide to create your own social networks app configuration.
- DONE!!!

Still don't sure how it look? Take a look at our demo site
User & pass: admin / sandklock


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Recent changes
v2.1: Support custom size for manage theme. And setting Site default for Ebay login.
v2.0: Added some new theme of the network icons
v1.3: Add Amazon and Ebay
v1.2: Add Instagram and Pinterest
v1.1: Fix translation & multi theme compatible
v1.0: First release

- OpenCart 2.3.0+
- OpenCart 2.2.0+
- OpenCart 2.1.0+
- OpenCart 2.0.0+
- OpenCart 1.5.2 - 1.5.6
- This extension requires VQMod Installed!
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Compatibility, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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14 Sep 2016

2 Apr 2015
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