Download Counter 2.x

Download Counter 2.x
Download counter - Make waiving of Right of Withdrawal mandatory if files are downloaded within a number of days.

This module makes it mandatory for the customer to waive the Right of Withdrawal if (s)he wants to download a product within a selectable number of days after purchase.
If a customer purchases a product from your store he has the right to withdraw from his purchase within a given number of days. However, this does not apply to downloadable products and hence the customer has to explicitly waive this right of withdrawal.
This is a legal requirement in many countries and if you don't use it you risk being fined.

Legislation for online shops is complex. Have a look at our legal extensions.
You might find several extensions there which you should use if you do not want to risk a fine.

Once the customer has downloaded the product (s)he won't have to waive the Right of Withdrawal again. Also, if the number of days set expired no action is required.

Please have a look at the pictures for a better understanding.

The module is easily configurable. You can set the information page which contains the "Right of Withdrawal" as well as the days within which the customer has to explicitly waive the "Right of Withdrawal".

This module does not modify any OpenCart files (OCMOD).
Simple installation using the built-in extension installer.

This module is for opencart 2.x!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

This extension comes with the high level of support our customers are accustomed to.
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