AutoSearch 2x - Opencart 2.x Instant Search

AutoSearch 2x - Opencart 2.x Instant Search
AutoSearch 2x - Ajax-module "live" search like Google, when relevant results are displayed immediately as you type a query.

Module is fully configurable in admin's part, you can:
- Enable / disable the display of product images in search results
- Specify the size of the product image (height x width, pix)
- Enable / disable the display of the model product in the search results
- Enable / disable the display of the prices of goods in the search results
- Enable / disable the display of the quantity of goods in stock or its status in search results
- Select the fields for search (by Name, Attributes, Tags, Model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN and Location)
- Specify the limit of the output display
- Specify the number of input characters to start your search and display the results
- Choose how to sort the results (by date available, by name)
- Select charset variant if problems displaying non-Latin characters
- Enable / disable additional line "view all results"


✯ Works with all templates
✯ Works correctly with a Latin / Cyrillic / Arabic and other encodings
✯ Correctly shows the names of the goods with the use of special characters (quotes, amp, etc.)
✯ Correct handling of references goods - simple and conventional (seo)
✯ Correct handling and output prices of goods - regular price and the price on the stock, with customer group
not show prices if "login display prices" selected in settings store
✯ Correct handling of the goods showing the quantity and status
quantity does not show (only stock status) if selected in settings store
✯ If the product picture on the card is not set shows a picture no_image.jpg
✯ Sort results by name (alphabetically), by date (show new items first)

✯ Compatible with Opencart 2.x versions
✯ uses OCMOD Extension Installer

AutoSearch 3x for Opencart 3.x available here
AutoSearch for Opencart 1.5.x available here

Standard search mechanism not changes - when you click the search button (or Enter, or "View All Results") will be transferred to the page showing the search results of a standard search (without uses values Location, Attributes etc.)
See FREE module ExtendedSearch to add this function

To design a custom template, you can manually change styles in file catalog\view\javascript\jquery\autosearch.css

1. Upload archive in Extensions > Extension Installer *
2. Refresh the modifications cache in Extensions > Modifications
3. Add permission for module/autosearch in System > Users > User Groups
4. Install & configure AutoSearch module in Extensions > Modules
5. Enjoy!

* If you don't set up FTP to support archives in Extension Installer - just use this patch


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