Notify Customer when Product in Stock

Notify Customer when Product in Stock

Product Stock Notifier provides THE order notification solution for Opencart stores. Your customer can register for email notifications, to get a personalised email about the back-in-stock status of wanted products. Simply setup the correct product status for specific selling purposes.

Easy receiving product notifications as soon as possible
"Notify customer when product in stock" is a must-have for stores with fast product turnover. You can easily customise your email to suit; customers, sales staff, and admin, will all get copies of the email.
Your store owns high quality and prestige products with many loyal customers. And they only want to buy your products, even if they are out of stock. So they will be willing to wait if you can inform them with a personalised email.

Allow or Disallow
    Allow or disallow customer to add product cart when stock is less than one
    Only allow at product to cart = quantity of product in stock.

Auto mail merge
    "Notify Customer when Product in Stock" includes a mail merge with cronjob and HTTPS protocol support , convenient for both customers and website managers. Customer, sales staff and website managers also receive private emails to confirm sending status. You can also set limit amount of emails.

Highly HTML customization
    So easy to compose the best customized email templates which you can use for all customers. Our module provides a sample template and a variables- merge guide. You can insert your logo, and signature to broadcast your brand in every email!
    User experience
    "Notify Customer when Product in Stock" supports retail systems beautifully because you don't always have all products in stock. Email notification brings your customer confidence your store!

Auto mail merge
    "Notify Customer when Product in Stock" has full basic options in setting multi stores. No problemsin managing and uninstalling modules out of all stores.
    Multi languages
    This module contains language files which can be replaced in any category. It is so easy to clone the English package in your own language and modify to suit.

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