Improved Options 1 [vqmod]

Improved Options 1 [vqmod]
It was a paid extension, but it was developed quite a long time ago and supports only the outdated version of opencart (1.5.x).
The code of extension is far away from perfect, but currently we have no resources to improve or even to maintain this version of the module further. At the same time it is still can be useful for somebody, thus we made it free. However, as a free extension, now it also comes with no warranty (and with no guaranteed support).

For all those who have already purchased this module version, our support obligations remain valid (we provide support for them as usual).

Module "Improved Options" is designed to improve the standard OpenCart options functionality.
It allows to set SKU, model (product code), description for each product option value and set product option values that should be selected by default, when customer opens product page.

The module main features:
  • works with options types: "Select", "Radio", "Image" and "Checkbox"
  • allows to set few SKU, model (product code), description for each product option
  • shows current SKU, model (product code), description on product page in frontend (dependent on selected options)
  • allows to generate SKU and model from parts: product-sku + option1-sku + option2-sku etc and the same with model (optional)
  • saves current SKU and model (product code) in order data on checkout
  • gives ability to set default option value, that should be selected
  • allows to use only features that you need (any feature can be turned ON/OFF on the module settings page)

Animated demonstration:

This is OpenCart 1.5.X module version, for OpenCart 2.0.X please use Improved Options for OpenCart 2.0.X


Demo admin section:
login/pass: demo/demo

We also recommend:
  • Related Options - to combine options and set stock, price etc for each combination.
  • Product Option Image PRO - to set a few images for each option value and change product images dependent on selected options on a product page
  • Live Price - to dynamic live price update on a product page depending on selected options

Contact for support, questions and suggestions:

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.6,,,,

Last Update
11 Jul 2020

17 May 2015
Member since: 2 Jun 2013

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