SEO Pages

SEO Pages
For OC 1.5, this extension consist of 5 mods.
1. Custom title (category, information, product)
2. Information Meta
3. Store Meta Keyword
4. Canonical Categories and Brand
5. SEO URL Friendly Link
By default, opencart have url link like or, where there are /index.php?route=. By using this mods, your link will be changed to or, no /index.php?route= again.

Demo 1.5:Demo Here
username : demo
password : demo

For OC 2.0, this extension consist of 3 mods.
1. Google Rich Snippet
2. Facebook Opengraph
3. SEO URL Friendly Link

How to test google rich snippet and facebook opengraph?
a. Google Rich Snippet
Go to link here
Click take URL, insert url and click validate

b. Facebook OpenGraph
Please login to facebook, and then open link here
Insert 1 link and click debug

Demo 2.0:Demo Here
username : demo
password : demo

Note: This extension need vqmod to work.

Please don't purchase this extension if you are using aceshop or mijoshop. If you are still purchase it, i don't want refund your money if this module doesn't work on aceshop or mijoshop.


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