PRICE BY FORMULA + live price update+dependent options

PRICE BY FORMULA + live price update+dependent options
This extension does three things calculate price by formula , change product price on fly and manage dependent options in the price of one extension.
It will automatically update price when you select the options, even if your product is not using formula.
One can write conditional / dependent options using this variable.

Dependent Variables are available from opencart version

For version 4 , it works with default opencart structure only and making changes to your theme may take extra. Please make enquiry before buying for version 4.
Very often you need your product price to be decided by some formula like length or area or volume .Here comes the rescue , here you can have dynamic product price driven by variables , you can write formula using these variables.

Developed by shambhal who holds maximum opencart reviews on
This extension is vqmod for <2 opencart and ocmod based for version 2 onwards, therefore no core changes
You can also set constraint of variables max and min value if(option type is textbox) , like for length you can have l:100-450 so it can accept any numerical value between the range.
Since 2.3.2 version it is compatible with journal2 , journal3 theme but developer holds responsibility for default theme only.

Variables are assigned to options so you can have better control on options.
It works with options in select combo,radio and textbox

sample formula is
It helps you have dynamic price calculation on frontend , plus it has feature to have advance options.

Please note that it works on default opencart structure ,so if you have any extension which contradicts it ,it won't work.
so please confirm before buying .

Backend see product with product id 35, name =formula test

formulatest/123456 username/password
Formula with controls
Area Calculation
Formula extended
Dependent Options
Dependent Options and Formula combined
Constraints on variables assigned to textbox can have numerical values only.

There is another extension available if you want price to be determined by some function
Currently supported themes
Default opencart, Journal2,Journal3
if your theme is custom we could make extension compatible with your theme on little price or free.

Extension bought once will be valid for the domain and its 5 subdomains.
For further queries you can ask me at

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Excellent extension, awesome after sales support. We hope to do business with you in the future.
Great module with great functionality and also great support (A+)
I like your support and policies, and I congratulate you on our solution-oriented work.


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